S.r.l. - Registered office: Via Savona, 123  20144 Milan ITALY

Factory: Via F.lli Di Dio, 27/29  20026 Novate Milanese MI ITALY

VAT No.: 00259340156

Phone No. .: +39/02/38204273 (a.r.); Fax No.: +39/02/3567360

E-mail: gorla@gorlamorsetterie.com

C.C.I.A.A. Milan REA: 882397

Registered capital: 45.000,00





GORLA MORSETTERIE owns a test laboratory, managed by specialized staff, that allows a continuous inspection of production and permits the execution of several tests for customers.

Our instruments are periodically calibrated by SIT laboratories or internally.




GORLA MORSETTERIE develops complete test systems for customers.

Our engineers are specialized in planning and realization of software for control of high voltage and high current machines, in planning and realization of software for loop control of electrodinamic shakers, in planning and realization and of software for acquisition of physical signals as temperatures, forces, displacements, accelerations, tensions and currents.


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